Team Towing & Service LLC

645 Carroll St.
Akron, Ohio 44304
Open 24 hours a Day
Our Service
  1. Services
    Whether you have a flat or blow out tire, we can change or put air in your tire. In some cases we can plug your tire. Run out of gas, no problem we will deliver gas for your vehicle. If you lock yourself out, no problem, we can unlock your vehicle and get you back on the road. If you vehicle will not start, we can provide a jump box to get it started. We can also replace your battery on site. We have many different batteries in stock and will most likely have the size you need at a reasonable price.
  2. Car repair
    Car repair
    Team Towing & Service, will offer minor car repairs. Brakes, belts, oil change, alternators, etc.
  3. Towing Service
    Towing Service
    Light Duty Towing - Light duty towing is for vehicles that are 10,000 pounds or less. Our tow trucks are equipped to handle any type of towing without causing any damage to your vehicle. Most cars and small trucks fall into this category. We have flat bed trucks and tow trucks to service Light and Medium Duty Towing We can winch out any Light or Medium Duty Vehicle that is stuck. Medium Duty Towing - Medium duty towing is designed for vehicles that range in weight from 10,001 – 25,000 pounds. These vehicles are options like delivery trucks, landscapers and bucket trucks.